Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week Nine (2nd - 6th July, 2012)

Yowsa! Yowsa! Yowsa! Here we go again with another week in the life of the #Clay5! 

July 2nd: Science Fiction Movies

1. Blade Runner
2. Donnie Darko
3. Dark City
4. Moon
5. Planet of the Apes (1968)

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Blade Runner 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. Dark Star 4. Threads 5. Silent Running

'Spuddy' Carville ‏@Spuddy4u
1. Return of the Jedi 2. Alien 3. The Matrix 4. The Terminator 5. Total Recall

Kieran Murphy ‏@Desperate_Icon
1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Inception 3. The Matrix 4. Donnie Darko 5. Highlander

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Event Horizon, Alien, The Terminator, Donnie Darko, Star Wars

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Galaxy Quest Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Stepford Wive's Frankenstein (umm, I don't watch a lot of sci fi)

Cappie ‏@dismaldetective
1. Donnie Darko 2. Aliens 3. Dark City 4. District 9 5. Source Code

Rachel Cawthorne ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Moon, Donnie Darko, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Back To The Future, The Fifth Element

Kye ‏@chaoite
1. Predator. 2. Event Horizon. 3. Terminator 2. 4. Species. 5. Terminator.

Sinda Hella ‏@Sinda_Hella
1. Star Wars 2. Donnie Darko 3. Being John Malkovich 4. Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind 5. Flight Of The Navigator

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
The Matrix, Blade Runner, Aliens, Terminator 2, Back to the Future

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Star Wars, 2. The Blob (50's), 3. BacK to the Future, 4. Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow, 5. Zathura

meliscule ‏@lilmel_
Blade Runner; Matrix; Moon; Brazil; Logan's Run

Justin d'Londres ‏@londonjustin
1 Alien 2 Blade Runner 3 Rocky Horror Picture Show 4 The Terminator 5 Moon

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. A Clockwork Orange, 2. Jurassic Park, 3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 4. WALL•E, 5. Donnie Darko

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1.Sunshine 2.Empire Strikes Back 3.The Running Man 4.Robocop 5.Moon

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. The Matrix 2. Star Wars 3. ROTJ 4. Empire Strikes Back 5. independence Day

Constance Wiebrands ‏@flexnib
1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Serenity 3. The Matrix 4. Aliens 5. Repo Man

Paul Wright ‏@psw_bigshow
1) Empire Strikes Back 2) The Matrix 3) Terminator 2 4) Star Wars 5) independence day

Billy ‏@Aqualec
Empire Strikes Back, Alien, Blade Runner, Moon, Serenity

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. 2001: A Space Odyssey 2. Aliens 3. Blade Runner 4. The Empire Strikes Back 5. Terminator

Andy C. Dekens ‏@andydekens
The Matrix Fifth Element Terminator 2 Aliens Serenity

Ash Jenkins ‏@TripleB
The Matrix, Fifth Element, Terminator 2, Predator, Alien

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Avatar 2. Minority Report 3. Gattaca 4. Jurassic Park 5. ET

Bowser ‏@adamhake
1. Back to the Future 2. Aliens 3. Star Wars  4. The Thing (1982) 5. Ghostbusters

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Blade Runner, Gattaca, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Metropolis, Le Voyage dans la lune

Donna Dee ‏@Donna_Dee
1)Ghostbusters 2) Fifth Element 3) Jurassic Park 4) Back to the Future 5) The Matrix

Jo Menzies ‏@jomenz
Alien, Blade runner, The 5th element, Sunshine, Aliens (have not seen Moon but looks like I should)

Kate Freedman ‏@katejf
1. Bladerunner 2. The Matrix 3. Space Odyssey 2001 4. Serenity 5. Returner

Michael Wiebrands ‏@morfaine
1. Blade Runner 2. Dune 3. Brazil 4. Moon 5. District 9

Twitter's #Clay5 Science Fiction Movies
1. Blade Runner (11 votes)
2. The Matrix (11 votes)
3. The Empire Strikes Back (8 votes)
4. Aliens (7 votes)
5. Donnie Darko/Moon (7 votes each)

July 3rd: Billy Joel Songs
1. An Innocent Man
2. All For Leyna
3. Zanzibar
4. Laura
5. Summer, Highland Falls

Rachel Cawthorne ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, The Stranger, It's Still Rock & Roll, We Didn't Start the Fire, Uptown Girl

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. We Didn’t Start The Fire 2. You May Be Right 3. You’re Only Human 4. It’s Still Rock and Roll 5. Piano Man

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Captain Jack 2) Only The Good Die Young 3) New York State Of Mind 4) She's Always A Woman 5) The Longest Time

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Italian Restaurant, 2. My Life, 3. Virginia, 4. New York State Of Mind, 5. Anthony

Kieran Murphy ‏@Desperate_Icon
1. Big Shot 2. Zanzibar 3. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 4. Summer, Highland Falls 5. And So It Goes

Donna Dee ‏@Donna_Dee
1) Italian Restaurant 2) On the Good Die Young 3) Big Man on Mulberry Street 4) Miami 2017 5) Summer Highland Falls

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me We Didn't Start the Fire Tell Her About It Only the Good Die Young The Longest Time

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, A Matter of Trust, We Didn't Start the Fire, My Life, New York State of Mind

Jae Rowbotham ‏@jaebo1
1. Allentown 2.I've Loved these days 3.Scenes from an Italian Restaurant 4.She's Always a Woman 5.You Can Make Me Free

Rhona Bolger ‏@RhonaB76
1. Lullaby (goodnight my angel) 2. New York state of mind 3. Summer, highland falls 4. Italian restaurant 5. Miami 2017

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
WDST Fire, An Innocent Man, My Life, Piano Man, Tell Her About It

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1. An Innocent Man 2. Downeaster Alexa 3. You May Be Right 4. We Didnt Sart the Fire 5. A Matter of Trust

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
You May Be Right, Captain Jack, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Leningrad, Piano Man

Michael Bevan ‏@michaelbevan
1.Honesty 2. Vienna 3. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant 4. Zanzibar 5. Downeaster Alexa

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. New York State Of Mind 2. You May Be Right 3. Piano Man 4. She's Always A Woman 5. Only The Good Die Young

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Tell Her About It, 2. Just The Way You Are, 3. The Longest Time, 4. It's Still Rock & Roll To Me, 5. My Life

Paul Wright ‏@psw_bigshow
1) We didnt start the fire 2) river of dreams 3) Innocent Man 4)You may be right 5) go to extremes

Justin d'Londres ‏@londonjustin
1 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 2 The Stranger 3 Only The Good Die Young 4 Roberta 5 My Life

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1. Piano Man 2. Honesty 3. All About Soul 4. Moving Out 5. An Innocent Man

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. River of Dreams 2. She's Always a Woman 3. The Longest Time 4. You May Be Right 5. Captain Jack (I love the lyrics)

Jane Murphy ‏@missjane82
Summer, Highland Falls, Falling of the Rain, Billy The Kid, Sleeping With The Television On, And So It Goes

Twitter's #Clay5 Billy Joel Songs
1. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (9 votes)
2. We Didn't Start the Fire (7 votes)
3. Only The Good Die Young (6 votes)
4. Summer, Highland Falls (6 votes)
5. You May Be Right (6 votes)

July 4th: Breakfast Cereals
1. Special K
2. Cornflakes
3. Mini-Wheats
4. Cheerios
5. Rice Bubbles

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Coco pops Fruit loops Cornflakes Porridge (which sort of counts...) Nutrigrain #obviouslyaddictedtosugar

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Muesli 2. Nutrigrain 3. Weetbix 4. Fruit Loops 5. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

Aleisha Naughton ‏@aleicat
1. Nutri-Grain. 2. Corn Flakes. 3. Porridge. 4. Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. 5. Coco Pops

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Special K 2) Nutri Grain 3) Rice Bubbles 4) Coco Pops 5) Cap'n Crunch

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Coco Pops, 2. Special K, 3. Rice Bubbles, 4. Nutrigrain, 5. Crunchy Nut

'Spuddy' Carville ‏@Spuddy4u
1. NutriGrain 2. Sustain 3. Oats (flavoured) 4. Cheerios 5. Just Right

felixmeister @felixmeister
Porridge with poached fruit, Porridge with honey, Bircher Musli, Mini-Wheats (fruit not frosted), Raisin Bran.

Paul Wright ‏@psw_bigshow
1) Rice Bubbles 2) coco pops 3) frosties 4) weetbix 5) shreddies

Helen de Wolff ‏@the_helen
Rice Crispies, CoCo Pops, Frosties, Fruit Loops, Um-nope, that’s all I got!

Rachel Cawthorne ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Porridge, Granola, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Mini-Wheats, Rice Bubbles

Rhona Bolger ‏@RhonaB76
1. Fruit Muesli 2. Coco Pops 3. Sultana Bran 4. Special K 5. Weet Bix (with fruit on top)

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (US) 2. Sustain 3. Coco Pops 4. Frosties 5. Special K

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Sugar Puffs, Weetabix, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, Frosties, Cheerios

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Apple & Cinn Crunchola, Van & Almond Granola Oat Clusters, Carmen's Honey Roasted Nut Clusters, Crunchy Nut C/flakes, Oats

Jae Rowbotham ‏@jaebo1
1.Crunchy nut cornflakes 2.Carmans honey nut clusters muesli 3.Weetbix 4.Sultana bran 5. Coco pops

Meeveebee ‏@meeveebee
1. Weetbix 2. Cornflakes 3. Sultana Bran 4. Nutragrain 5. Rice Bubbles

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1. Sanitarium Lite N Tasty 2. Toasted Muesili & Yoghurt 3. Coco Pops 4. Wheat Bix 5. Corn Flakes

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, 2. Rice Bubbles, 3. Corn Flakes, 4. Fruit Loops, 5. Weet-Bix

Jessica Gorman ‏@JessicaArielleG
1. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 2. Fruity Bites. 3. Fruity Bix 4. Honey and Almond Oat Flakes 5. Porridge

Twitter's #Clay5 Breakfast Cereals
1. Coco Pops (10 votes)
2. Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes (9 votes)
3. Weet-Bix (8 votes)
4. Nutri-Grain (7 votes)
5. Rice Bubbles (7 votes)

July 5th: Michael Jackson Video Clips
1. Billie Jean
2. Bad
3. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
4. Smooth Criminal
5. Black or White

Donna Dee ‏@Donna_Dee
Best #Clay5 EVER! Top 5 MJ Video Clips 1) Smooth Criminal 2) Remember the Time 3) Ghosts 4) Liberian Girl 5) Thriller

Aleisha Naughton ‏@aleicat
1. Billie Jean. 2. Smooth Criminal. 3. Thriller. 4. Black or White. 5. Scream

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1. Bad 2. Thriller 3. Man in the Mirror 4. They Dont Care About Us 5. Remember the Time

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Smooth Criminal 2) Billie Jean 3) You Rock My World 4) Bad 5) Thriller

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Smooth Criminal, Bad, Leave Me Alone, Thriller, Speed Demon

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Black or White, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Man in the Mirror

Andy C. Dekens ‏@andydekens
Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Leave Me Alone, Billie Jean

'Spuddy' Carville ‏@Spuddy4u
1. Thriller 2. Smooth Criminal 3. Billie Jean 4. Bad 5. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

Twitter's #Clay5 Michael Jackson Video Clips
1. Smooth Criminal (8 votes)
2. Thriller (8 votes)
3. Bad (6 votes)
4. Billlie Jean (5 votes)
5. Black or White (3 votes)

July 6th: Cartoon Characters
1. Foghorn Leghorn
2. Danger Mouse
3. Donald Duck
4. Pepe Le Pew
5. Hong Kong Phooey

Jacinta Mathews ‏@mojojay
1. Batman 2. Wolverine 3. Tintin 4. Gambit 5. Scar (Lion King)

Shea Hennum ‏@SheaHisself
1.Daffy Duck. 2.Marvin the Martian. 3.Finn the Human. 4.Brain. 5.Mugen.

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Daria 2. Jake The Dog 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Ralph Wiggum 5. Avatar Aang

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Batman, Stewie Griffin, Wile E Coyote, Count Duckula, Homer Simpson
Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. Captain Planet 2. Widget the World Watcher 3. ? 4. Dr Zoidberg 5. Zapp Brannigan

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1. Fred Flinstone 2. Scooby Doo 3. Foghorn Leghorn 4. Bugs Bunny 5. Batfink

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Homer Simpson, 2. Master Shake, 3. Eric Cartman, 4. Daffy Duck, 5. Louise Belcher

Bronia ‏@bkarnie
1:Astro Boy 2:Banana Man 3:Kimba the White Lion 4:Gummy Bears 5:Captain Planet

Chris ‏@TotallyRad_TRex
1.Kaneda (Akira) 2.Top Cat 3.Mr FOX 4. Felix the Cat 5.Sponge Bob

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Archer 2. Hong Kong Phooey 3. Snaggle Puss 4. Shaggy 5. Top Cat (Added no Simpsons or Sideshow Raheem would be No.1)

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1. Aquaman 2. Raphael TMNT 3. Eek the Cat 4. Soundwave from Transformers 5. He Man

Erin Scales ‏@erinscales
1. Astro boy 2. Danger Mouse 3. Count duckula 4. Penfold 5. Pinky

lolly =) ‏@freakychick
Phantom, TinTin, Garfield, The Brain, Stuey

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Jake the Dog, Fin the Human, Patrick Star, Malory Archer, Toot Braunstein (I have a millyon top 5! This is so not fair!)

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Tweety 2. Speedy gonzales 3. Pepe le peu 4. Roadrunner 5. Booboo - hard list to do today!

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Daffy Duck, 2. Donald Duck, 3. Fred Flintstone, 4. Duckula, 5. Danger Mouse.

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Felix the Cat (natch), Astro Boy, Banana Man, Rocky, Lisa Hayes

Twitter's #Clay5 Cartoon Characters
1. Astro Boy (3 votes)
2. Count Duckula (3 votes)
3. Daffy Duck (3 votes)
3. Danger Mouse (3 votes)
5. Too many!!

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