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The #Clay5olution (Week One: 6th-11th May, 2012)

This started as an idea and it's becoming something tweeps look forward to every day. I couldn't be happier about that. My first crack at it was a non-event, but it was a Sunday, and possibly a little esoteric:
Top 5 Quentin Tarantino Characters
1. Jules Winfield
2. The Bride
3. Lt. Aldo Raine
4. Seth Gecko
5. Stuntman Mike

No one replied or offered up their list, but I was not deterred. So, Monday morning came and I posted this:

Top 5 Stephen King Books

1. It
2. The Stand
3. The Green Mile
4. Christine
5. Insomnia

Yay! I got a response! Here are the lists from Monday 7th May:

Corey J  @coreyj
1.It. 2.Skeleton Crew. 3. Different Seasons. 4. Needful Things. 5. The Dark Half

Justin d'Londres ‏ @londonjustin
1 The Stand; 2 It; 3 The Shining; 4 Different Seasons; 5 The Tommyknockers

Rachel Cawthorne ‏ @rachelhatesjazz
1. The Stand 2. 11/22/63 3. The Shining 4. Misery 5. Different Seasons

meliscule ‏ @lilmel_
1. IT 2. The Stand. 3. The Tommyknockers 4. Misery 5. Carrie 

Dann de Wolff ‏ @d_wolff
1. The Stand 2. Christine 3. Dreamcatcher 4. Tommyknockers 5. Cujo

Andy C. Dekens  @andydekens
1 The Stand; 2 It; 3 The Shining; 4 Different Seasons; 5 The Tommyknockers

I thought it might be cool to give each book one vote to see what the favourites would be of the tweeps who offered up a list. Here are the results:

TWITTER'S #Clay5 Stephen King Books
1. The Stand (6 votes)
2. It (5 votes)
3. Different Seasons (4 votes)
4. The Tommyknockers (4 votes)
5. The Shining (3 votes)

Oh yeah, see what I did there? No split third place. I really want to try to have an overall Top 5, not seven or eight due to tied votes. I don't see them as ordered or anything, just the ones that got the most votes. Now, I thought I should do a music #Clay5 for Tuesday, so I picked the Rolling Stones as I thought they would have a broad appeal, and hopefully garner more lists. 

Top 5 Rolling Stones Songs
1. Gimme Shelter
2. Emotional Rescue
3. Monkey Man
4. She's a Rainbow
5. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
It worked.

Corey J  @coreyj
1. Sympathy for the Devil 2. Wild Horses 3.You Can't Always Get What You Want 4. Angie 5. Get Off Of My Cloud

Justin d'Londres  @londonjustin
1 Lady Jane; 2 Sympathy For The Devil; 3 Under My Thumb; 4 You Can't Always Get What You Want; 5 Jumpin' Jack Flash

Rachel Cawthorne ‏ @rachelhatesjazz
1. Wild Horses 2. Paint It Black 3. Heart Of Stone 4. She's A Rainbow 5. Gimme Shelter

stokegriff ‏ @stokegriff
1. Sympathy for the Devil, 2. Wild Horses, 3. You Can't Always Get... 4. Gimme Shelter, 5.Dead Flowers

Ang K ‏ @SuperFlange
1. Tumbling Dice 2. Gimme Shelter 3. Wild Horses 4. Can't Always Get What You Want 5. Sympathy for the Devil

Dann de Wolff ‏ @d_wolff
1. Gimme Shelter 2. Tumbling Dice 3. Sympathy 4. You Can't Always 5. Honky Tonk Woman

Natasha Gonzalez ‏ @LilMissAndrist
1 Like a Rainbow, 2 Paint it Black, 3 Mother's Little Helper, 4 As Tears Go By 5. Can't Always Get What You Want #listslikeJagger

Aleks Blazeski ‏ @aleksblazeski
You Can't Always..., Wild Horses, Shine A Light, I Got The Blues, Gimme Shelter. #nospecificorder 

John Erren ‏ @John_Erren
1. Angie 2. It's All Over Now 3. The Last Time 4. Gimme Shelter 5. Sympathy For The Devil

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB 
Paint It Black Sympathy For The Devil Lets Spend The Night Together Gimmie Shelter Under My Thumb. 

Ten tweeps participated in this one! The results were:

Twitter's #Clay5 Rolling Stones Songs
1. Gimme Shelter (8 votes)
2. You Can't Always Get What You Want (7 votes)
3. Sympathy For the Devil (7 votes)
4. Wild Horses (5 votes)
5. Paint It Black/She's a Rainbow (3 votes)

Cool bananas. Nice clean five there. Moving on to Wednesday, I thought I'd better try something different. Something that would appeal to those who use Twitter. Then I got it. Superheroes! Seeing as people were talking about The Avengers film and the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises it seemed quite topical. 

Top 5 Superheroes
1. Batman
2. The Phantom
3. Rorschach
4. Hell Boy
5. The Toxic Avenger

That got a little more attention!

Ryan Hewitt  @ryanmhewitt
1)DeadPool 2)Iron Man 3)Batman 4)Wolverine 5)The Punisher

Kye  @chaoite
1) Sailor Mars. 2) L. 3) Sailor Mercury. 4) Tuxedo Mask. 5) Batman.

Michael Naidos @Naidos 
1. Batman, 2. The Crimson Bolt, 3. Earthworm Jim, 4. Mysterion, 5. The Tick 

Melissa McGreevey @missPRpixee 
Phantom, The Beast, Jean Gray, the Doctor & She Ra

meliscule @lilmel_ 
1. He-Man. 2. She-Ra. 3. Spiderman. 4. Wonder Woman. 5. Mighty Mouse

felixmeister @felixmeister
Nemisis, Halo Jones, Hulk, Lockheed, Zenith

Hedgie @CAricHanley 
1. Bats 2. Spidey 3. Iron Man 4. Deadpool 5. Nightcrawler

Rachel Cawthorne @rachelhatesjazz 
1. Buffy 2. Iron Man 3. Batman 4. The Doctor 5. Bananaman

Erin Scales @erinscales 
1 Wolverine 2. GEM 3. Captain Planet 4 Iron Man 5. Bananaman

John Erren @John_Erren
1. Spiderman 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. The Flash 4. Flash Gordon 5. Yoda

Dann de Wolff @d_wolff 
1. Wolverine 2. Spider Man 3. Superman 4. Gambit 5. Magneto. 

Justin d'Londres @londonjustin 
1 Batman; 2 Superman; 3 Buffy The Vampire Slayer; 4 The Hulk; 5 Zombie Spider-man

chelle @shellzii 18s
1.Batman 2.Wonder Woman 3.Iron Man 4.Astro-Boy 5.The Phantom

Capey @lukecaporn 
Spidey, Iron Man, Invincible, Nightwing and The Winter Soldier

Andy C. Dekens  @andydekens
1. Batman 2. Batman 3. Batman 4. Iron Man 5. Batman
- (as much as I admired Andy's enthusiasm, I did not include this in the final tally)

stokegriff @stokegriff
1. Batman. 2. Preacher. 3. Nightwing. 4.Superman. 5. Wolverine

Natasha Gonzalez ‏ @LilMissAndrist
1 Superman, 2 Iron Man, 3 Thor, 4 Captain Caveman, 5 Buzz Light Year

Carter Cawthorne  @cartercawthorne (via @rachelhatesjazz)
Batman, Superman, iron man, Hulk, Buzz Lightyear

Ang K @SuperFlange 
1. Captain Planet 2. Wonder Twins 3. Wonder Woman 4. She-Ra 5. Super Ted!

Rhona Bolger @RhonaB76 
1. She-Ra 2. Astro Boy 3. Wonder Woman 4. Super Ted 5. Danger Mouse

There was a bit of discussion over who qualified as far as a superhero went, but I didn't limit it. Some argued that the lack of a superpower stripped a character of that title. Tell me than Iron Man and Batman aren't superheroes! I think they are just SUPER at being HEROES.

TWITTER'S #Clay5 Superheroes
1. Batman (10 votes)
2. Iron Man (8 votes)
3. Spider-Man (5 votes)
4. Superman (5 votes)
5. She-Ra/Wolverine/Wonder Woman (4 votes each)

Now, for Thursday I felt that I needed to broaden the appeal even more, and I wanted to turn to cinema. So I thought, why not get the tweeps to wax patriotic? 

Top 5 Australian Films
1. Animal Kingdom
2. The Proposition
3. Mad Max 2
4. Lantana
5. The Interview

This resulted in 25 tweeps posting their favourites. The biggest #Clay5 yet!

Michael Cooper @Charliedelto 
1. The Lighthorsemen 2. Chopper 3. Romper Stomper 4. The Big Steal 5. Idiot Box

Jason Brennan @therealjaso32 7m
1. Gallipoli 2. Proof 3. Candy 4. The Castle 5. Radiance

Corey J @coreyj 
1. Mad Max 2. 2. Gallipoli 3. Chopper. 4. Samson & Delilah 5. Not Quite Hollywood 

Rachel Cawthorne @rachelhatesjazz
1. Walkabout 2. Picnic at Hanging Rock 3. The Proposition 4. Wolf Creek 5. The Year My Voice Broke 

Erin Scales @erinscales
1. Hercules Returns 2. Young Einstein 3,Kenny 4. Malcolm 5. Strictly Ballroom

Damien Kelly @DamoMK 
1. Red Dog 2. The Castle 3. Romper Stomper, 4. Chopper 5. Kenny

Michael Naidos @Naidos
1. Chopper, 2. Bad Boy Bubby, 3. The Castle, 4. He Died With a Felafel in His Hand, 5. Romper Stomper

Hedgie @CAricHanley 
1. Priscilla 2. Snowtown 3. Rabbit Proof Fence 4. Romper Stomper 5. Daybreakers

Pants @BreeMateljan
1. Wolf Creek 2. Shine 3. He Died with a Felafel in His Hand 4. Crackers 5. The Sum of Us  

chelle @shellzii
1.Priscilla 2.lantana 3.The Castle 4.Strictly Ballroom 5.Wolf Creek 

meliscule @lilmel_ 
1. Picnic at Hanging Rock 2. Animal Kingdom 3. Gallipoli 4. Shine 5. Chopper

Christopher @shrydar
Proof, The Piano, Romper Stomper, Gallipoli, Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Melissa McGreevey @missPRpixee 
5. Precilla Queen of the Desert 4. Crockodile Dundee 3.Chopper 2. Muriel's Wedding 1. The Castle

Kye @chaoite
1) Black Rock. 2) Mad Max. 3) The Piano. 4) Snowtown. 5) Mad Max 2

tif @itsme_tif 3m
1. The Rage in Placid Lake 2. Dot & the Kangaroo 3. The Black Balloon 4. Undead 5. Happy Feet

Ryan Hewitt @ryanmhewitt  
1) Undead 2) Gettin' Square 3) Mad Max 4) The Dish 5) Two Hands 

Clint W @clintwits 
1 Breaker Morant 2 The Castle 3 Priscilla 4 Two Hands 5 Romper Stomper

Nat Scan @natscanner
1 The Interview, 2 The Year My Voice Broke, 3 The Proposition, 4 Proof, 5 Gallipoli. 

Andy C. Dekens @andydekens 
Young Einstein, Snowtown, Dating The Enemy, Crocodile Dundee, The Big Steal

Justin Brennan @justinbrennan 
1. Beneath Hill 60 2. Gallipoli 3. The Castle 4. The Lighthorsemen 5. The Dish

John Erren @John_Erren 
1. The Castle 2. Shine 3. Mad Max 4. Gallipoli 5. The Dish 

Michelle Soia @TheDestroia 
Picnic at Hanging Rock, Babe, The Delinquents, The Year My Voice Broke, The Castle

stokegriff @stokegriff 
1. Dark City. 2. Chopper 3. Romper Stomper 4. Animal Kingdom 5. Daybreakers 

Dann de Wolff @d_wolff
1. The Castle 2. Mad Max 3. The Dish 4. Stone 5. Crackerjack

smiley_yas @smiley_yas 
Rabbit Proof Fence Crackerjack Red Dog Black Balloon Romper Stomper

Jessie Rachel @KosmicCowgirl 
Romulus My Father; The Castle; Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Muriels Wedding; Strictly Ballroom

Rhona Bolger @RhonaB76 
1. The Castle 2. The Dish 3. The Black Balloon 4. Strictly Ballroom 5. Dating the Enemy

Natasha Gonzalez @LilMissAndrist 
1 Sunday Too Faraway, 2 Gallipoli, 3 The Castle, 4 The Dish, 5 Romper Stomper

Rhi! Rhi! @RhiannonB 
Welcome To Woop Woop Crackerjack Wolf Creek The Loved Ones Priscilla

There was a bit of back and forth about what was an Australian film or not. Did it need to be set in Australia? About Australians? Feature a predominantly Aussie cast? Well, I thought the big qualifier would be that it was an Australian production. For instance, The Matrix was filmed in Australia, but was a US production, so it didn't count. I used IMDb.com as my lighthouse in times of doubt. I wasn't sure about Dark City, but it listed the country as Australia, then USA, so I deemed it to be alright to include. Moulin Rouge!'s entry listed the country as being USA, then Australia, so I excluded it. It became a bit of a grey area, but the main thing was that I didn't want a film like The Matrix to be included, because it isn't predominantly thought of as an Australian movie. Anyhoo, the voting went like this:

Twitter's #Clay5 Australian Films
1. The Castle (13 votes)
2. Romper Stomper (9 votes)
3. Gallipoli (8 votes)
4. Chopper (7 votes)
5. The Dish (6 votes)

I decided to use a literary theme for Friday's #Clay5 and also decided that I would only do these on weekdays. I sent tweeps back to their childhoods and asked them to think about their favourite books. My picks for the final one for the week were:

Top 5 Children's Book Authors
1. Dr Seuss
2. Roger Hargreaves
3. Roald Dahl
4. Maurice Sendak
5. Mem Fox

This proved to be just as popular as Thursday. Bully!

Justin Brennan @justinbrennan 
1. Enid Blyton 2.Robert Louis Stevenson. 3. HG Wells (OK I was an advanced reader) 4. Roald Dahl 5.W. E. Johns.

Corey J @coreyj 
1. The Brothers Grimm 2. Hans Christian Anderson 3. Dr Seuss 4. Roald Dahl 5. C.S. Lewis 

Mags Lum @ScientistMags 
1) Roald Dahl 2) Enid Blyton 3) Paul Jennings 4) May Gibbs 5) Hans Christian Andersen

Erin Scales @erinscales
1. Joan Aiken 2. Roald Dahl 3. Enid Blyton 4. Ann M Martin 5. Unknown

tif @itsme_tif 
1. Mem Fox 2. Dr Suess 3. Bill Peet 4. Lewis Carroll 5. Beatrix Potter 

meliscule @lilmel_ 
1. Rudyard Kipling 2. Roald Dahl 3. Hans Christian Andersen 4. Lewis Carrol 5. Roger Hargreaves

Nikki Trigg @nikki_isabel 
1. Paul Jennings 2. Hans Christian Andersen 3. R.L. Stine 4. Roald Dahl 5. Enid Blyton

Damien Kelly @DamoMK 
1. Paul Jennings 2. Roald Dahl 3. RL Stine 4. JK Rowling 5. Enid Blyton

Melissa McGreevey @missPRpixee
1. Enid Blyton 2. Beatrix Potter 3. Lewis Carrol 4. Jules Vern 5.JK Rowling 

Rachel Cawthorne @rachelhatesjazz 
1. Enid Blyton 2. Judy Blume 3. Frances Hodgson Burnett 4. Roald Dahl 5. Roger Hargreaves 

John Erren @John_Erren 
1. Roald Dahl 2. Paul Jennings 3. Beatrix Potter 4. Enid Blyton 5. Eric Carle 

lolly =) @freakychick 
Lucy Maud, Johanna Spyri, Aesop, Susan Coolidge, Louisa May Alcott 

Hedgie @CAricHanley
1. RL Stine 2. Roald Dahl 3. Bill Watterson 4. Paul Jennings 5. Franklin W. Dixon 

Michael Gosney @micgos 
1. Arthur C. Clarke 2. Roald Dahl 3. Herge 4. J. R. R. Tolkien 5. C.S Lewis 

Kye @chaoite 
1. Enid Blyton. 2. Hans Christian Andersen. 3. Johanna Spyri. 4. Aesop. 5. Beatrix Potter. 

felixmeister @felixmeister 
J R R Tolkien, Issac Asimov, Nicholas Fisk, Roald Dahl, A.A. Milne

Andy C. Dekens @andydekens
Roald Dahl, Janine Ast, Harry Harrison, Enid Blyton, Stephen King.

Donna Dee @Donna_Dee 13m
1. Paul Jennings 2. Roald Dahl 3. R L Stine 4. Enid Blyton 5. Martin Handford

stokegriff @stokegriff 
1. Enid Blyton 2. Roald Dahl 3. Roger Hargeaves 4. Rudyard Kipling 5. Julia Donaldson 

Rhona Bolger @RhonaB76 
Mem Fox, Dr Suess, Beatrix Potter, Pamela Allen, Judy Blume

Natasha Gonzalez @LilMissAndrist 
1 Robert Louis Stevenson, 2 Alexandre Dumas 3 Enid Blyton, 4 Mark Twain 5 @jk_rowling 

Nat Scan @natscanner
1 L Frank Baum, 2 Diana Wynne Jones, 3 Roald Dahl, 4 Jill Murphy, 5 Terry Jones.

Meeveebee @meeveebee
1. Beatrix Potter 2. Roald Dahl 3. Enid Blyton 4. R. L. Stine 5. Paul Jennings

Rhi! Rhi! @RhiannonB
May Gibbs, R L Stine, Maurice Sendak, Roald Dahl, H. C. Andersen

I tried to encourage tweeps to vote for early childhood authors, but I wasn't being too strict. Everyone reads books at different ages. Not surprisingly, the outcome went like this:

1. Roald Dahl (19 votes)
2. Enid Blyton (14 votes)
3. Paul Jennings (8 votes)
4. Hans Christian Andersen (6 votes)
5. Beatrix Potter/R. L. Stine (6 votes)

So, yes, only 6 votes for the last three entries, bringing this list to have six in the Top 5. I just went alphabetically and made Bea and R.L. share the final ranking. Although, they are all equal fourth, if you're being picky. Anyway, that's how it all started, and thus ends the first week of the #Clay5. The next few blogs I do will only show the results, now that you have a taste for how things are done.

Thanks for listing your favourites!

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