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Week Twenty One (24th - 28th September, 2012)

Seeing as it was the 21st week of #Clay5, I decided to do something a little different and take on ideas that didn't really appeal to me personally, but might to other tweeps. A little way of giving back to those who participate all the time. Here's how it went down.

September 24th: Horror Films
1. Scream
2. The Silence of the Lambs
3. Evil Dead 2
4. Saw
5. Let The Right One In

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. The Shining 2. An American Werewolf In London 3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. Child’s Play 5. Dawn of The Dead

Georgia ‏@GeeOh108
1. Nightmare on Elm 3: Dream Warriors 2. Poltergeist 3. The Ring 4. Evil Dead 2 5. Cabin in the Woods

Danie Tregonning ‏@DanieTreg
1 The Exorcist 2 The Shining 3 A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 4 Ringu - The Ring 5 Ju-on - The Grudge

gilfer ‏@gilfer
1. Evil Dead 2; 2. Brain Dead; 3. Let The Right One In; 4. Police Academy 6; 5. The Orphanage.

Mark Ampersand ‏@tobiasampersand
A Nightmare on Elm St (1984), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973), Cabin in the Woods, The Thing (1982), A Serbian Film

Ryan Hewitt ‏@ryanmhewitt
Evil Dead, Alien, The Thing (original), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), The Frighteners.

Aleisha Naughton ‏@aleicat
1. Silence of the Lambs. 2. House of 1000 Corpses. 3. Vacancy. 4. The Last House on the Left. 5. Scream.

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Tucker and Dale vs Evil 2) Scream 3) Ring 4) The Orphan 5) Insidious (orphan is psych thriller...but fecking creepy!)

Rach ‏@hello_nacho
1. House of 1000 Corpses 2. The Shining 3. Pet Cemetery 4. Poltergeist II 5. Scream

Miss NJ! ‏@artrockrebel
1. An American Werewolf in London 2. The Lost Boys 3. Dawn of the Dead 4. The Thing 5. Christine

Sierra Echo Bravo ‏@sebsharp
1) The Shining 2) A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) 3)The Exorcist 4) Hellraiser 5) Damien: Omen 2

Ash Jenkins ‏@TripleB
Scream, Saw, Interview with the Vampire, Let the Right One In, Shaun of the Dead.

Michelle Soia ‏@TheDestroia
1. The People under the Stairs 2. The Shining 3.American Werewolf in London 4. Psycho 5.The Ring

Adam Parry ‏@AdamParry420
1- nightmare on elm st 2- the thing (carpenter's) 3- dawn of the dead (original) 4- evil dead 2 5- hellraiser

Amanda K ‏@TeLa_X
1 scream 2 saw 3 blair witch 4 evil dead 5 bowling balls

Erin Scales ‏@erinscales
1. Cabin in the Woods 2. Scream 3. Shaun of the Dead 4. Silence of the Lambs 5. American Warewolf in London

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1.Childs Play 2.The Exorcist 3. A Nightmare on Elm St (original) 4. American Werewolf in London 5. Creep

Shea Hennum ‏@SheaHisself
1.Psycho 2.Rosemary's Baby 3.The Omen 4.The Shining 5.The Evil Dead II

meliscule ‏@lilmel_
Rosemary's Baby; Evil Dead; The Ring; Eraserhead; The Shining.

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Day Of the Triffids (1980's), 1984, Contagion, 28 Days Later, Dead Snow 1-3 scared me. 4-5 were just fun.

scott ‏@scottotd
1. John Carpenter's The Thing 2. Alien 3. Jaws 4. Se7en 5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Let the Right One In 2. The Exorcist 3. Dawn of the Dead (1978) 4. American Werewolf in London 5. Evil Dead

rachelhatesjazz ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Drag Me To Hell, Psycho, The Haunting (b&w), Night Of The Demon, An American Werewolf In London

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. High School Musical 1, 2, 3, 4. Kelly & Justin, 5. Shanghai Surprise

Andy Dekens ‏@andydekens
Hellraiser 2, Childs Play, Saw, Dolls, The Fly (1986)

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
[Rec], , Blair Witch, The Thing, Ju-On: The Grudge, Ringu

Justin d'Londres ‏@londonjustin
Night of the Demon; The Fog; Candyman; American Werewolf in London; Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman

Bradley Henderson ‏@Bradreah2
1)The Exorcist 2(The Amityville Horror 3( The Burning 4)The Nanny 5)The Mist

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Silence of the Lambs, 2. Child's Play, 3. The Shining, 4. Scream, 5. Cabin in the Woods

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Gremlins 2. Gremlins 2 3. Final Destination 4. I Know What You Did Last Summer 5. Hannibal

Bowser ‏@adamhake
1. Cabin in the Woods 2. Dawn of the Dead 3. Evil Dead : Army of Darkness 4. Scream 5. The Thing

tif ‏@itsme_tif
Cabin in the woods, the shinning, the exorcist, paranormal activity 3, child’s play

Twitter's #Clay5 Horror Films
1. Scream (9 votes)
2. The Shining (9 votes)
3. An American Werewolf in London (8 votes)
4. The Thing (7 votes)
5. Cabin In The Woods/The Exorcist/A Nightmare on Elm Street (6 votes each)

September 25th: Podcast Theme Songs

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
You Made it Weird - Doug Loves Movies (Boobies) - Totally Laime - Comedy Bang Bang - The Minutes

scott ‏@scottotd
1. Doug Loves Movies 2. Never Not Funny 3. The Nerdist 4. Jordon Jessie Go! 5. How Did This Get Made

supercujo ‏@supercujo
#TOFOP (#NOFOP), Keith and the Girl, 1Up Show, WTFPod

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. Walking The Room 2. TOFOP (RIP) 3. Doug Loves Movies 4. Comedy Bang Bang 5. Nerdist

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
The Minutes, @markitpodcast, @NonCanonical, Soundcheck,@youngausskeptic (Pseudo Scientists)

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Doug Loves Movies, 2. SModcast, 3. Bagged & Boarded, 4. Comedy Bang Bang, 5. How Did This Get Made?

Trunkman Productions ‏@TrunkmanUK
1) Carpool 2) Get This! 3) @poddelusion4) Mondayitis 5) This Sporting Life

Twitter's #Clay5 Podcast Theme Songs
1. Comedy Bang Bang (3 votes)
2. Doug Loves Movies (3 votes)
3. How Did This Get Made? (2 votes)
4. The Minutes (2 votes)
5. The Nerdist (2 votes)

September 26th: Harry Potter Characters
1. That Red-haired Kid
2. Principal Bumblebee
3. Beardy Coltrane
4. Commissioner Gordon
5. Alan Rickman

Ryan Hewitt ‏@ryanmhewitt
Sirius Black, Dumbledore, Hagrid, Dobby, Harry. And Sirius x 100

Erin Scales ‏@erinscales
Harry, Sirius, Snape, Weasley Twins, Dumbledore

C.J Ashling ‏@Ashling574
1: Hermoine Granger 2: Luna Lovegood 3: Dumbledore 4: Prof. McGonagall 5: Viktor Krum

Bo / Rach / Princess ‏@bodachious
Dobby Luna Lovegood Nymphadora Tonks Sirius Black Hermiobe Grange

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. Sirius Black 2. Hagrid 3. Professor Lupin 4. Dumbledore 5. Arthur Weasly

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Luna Lovegood Dobby Hermione Granger Ginny Weasley Weasley Twins (who totally count as a single entity)

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Sirius Black, 2. Severus Snape, 3. Dobby, 4. Hermione Granger, 5. Weasley Twins

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Snape 2. Hedwig 3. Lucius Malfoy 4. Dolores Umbridge 5. Sirius Black

Gareth Williams ‏@notGareth
1.Severus Snape 2. AlbusDumbledore 3. Fred Weasley 4. George Weasley 5.Minerva McGonagall

tif ‏@itsme_tif
Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Professor McGonagall, Molly Weasley #girlpower

Clare Cooper ‏@cooper_clare
oh wow I came in to clay5 at the right time! 1. Luna. 2. Harry. 3. Neville. 4. Dumbledore. 5. Lily.

Capey ‏@lukecaporn
Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black, Snape, Mad Eye Moody and Bellatrix Lestrange

chelle ‏@shellzii
Dobby. Severus Snape, Bellatrix LeStrange. Fawkes. Mrs Weasley

Nikki Trigg ‏@nikki_isabel
1. Severus Snape 2. Hermione Granger 3. Lucius Malfoy 4. Bellatrix Lestrange 5. Remus Lupin

Amanda K ‏@TeLa_X
1- alan rickman 2- the fat kid 3- helena bonham carter 4- dracos dad 5- hagworth

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
The characters played bu Robbie Coltrane, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Alan Rickman, Jason Isaacs

Aleisha Naughton ‏@aleicat
1. Hermione Granger. 2. Luna Lovegood. 3. Ron Weasley. 4. Harry Potter. 5. Severus Snape

Tennile Watson ‏@beertrix
1) Rubeus Hagrid 2) Luna Lovegood 3) Sirius Black 4) Dobby 5) Ron Wesley

addie. ‏@chibimoon
1. beatrix, 2. harry, 3. snape, 4. hermione, 5. weasely twins

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Peeves 2) Fred Weasley 3) George Weasley 4) Sirius Black 5) Professor Dumbledore

Justin d'Londres ‏@londonjustin
Severus Snape; Ron Weasley; Sirius Black; Luna Lovegood (?); Professor McGonagal

meliscule ‏@lilmel_
Buckbeak; Dre Head; Boggart-Snape; Firenze; Fat Lady.

rachelhatesjazz ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Ron, Luna Lovegood, Snape, Sirius, Ron’s dad (Arthur?)

Phillip Lee Curtis. ‏@PoshLopez
1. McGonagall 2. Snape 3. Fawkes (When fawkes cries, I cry) 4. Mrs Weasley 5. Hedwig

Billy ‏@Aqualec
Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

shantastic ‏@shantelleweber
1. Neville Longbottom, 2. Severus Snape, 3. Minerva McGonagall 4. Dobby, 5. Luna Lovegood

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1 Falcon Aesalon 2 Arkie Alderton 3 Oswald Beamish 4 Boldwyn Bludd 5 Libatius Borage

Penelope ‏@redpene
1. Alan Rickman 2. Hermione 3. Prof McGonagal 4. Luna 5. Dumbledore

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Albus Dumbledore 2. Remus Lupin 3. Dobby 4. Luna Lovegood 5. Neville Longbottom

Chay ‏@faerychay
1. Snape 2. Hermionie 3. Luna 4. Hagrid 5. Sirius Black

Twitter's #Clay5 Harry Potter Characters
1. Severus Snape (17 votes)
2. Luna Lovegood (14 votes)
3. Sirius Black (14 votes)
4. Albus Dumbeldore (10 votes)
5. Hermione Granger (10 votes)

September 27th: Sesame Street Characters
1. Cookie Monster
2. Count von Count
3. Oscar the Grouch
4. Elmo
5. Bert

Damien Kelly ‏@DamoMK
1. Elmo 2. Ernie 3. Grover 4. Guy Smiley 5. Snuffy

Simon Mateljan ‏@sunky
1. Bert 2. Ernie 3. Mr Snuffleupagus 4. Slimey the Worm 5. Grover

Miss NJ! ‏@artrockrebel
1. Grover 2. Snuffy 3. Ernie 4. Big Bird 5. Bert

Toby Nieboer ‏@tcn33
1. The dudes who go “yip yip yip yip… uh huh, uh huh” 2. Snuffleupagus 3. Oscar 4. Cookie Monster 5. The Count

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Roosevelt Franklin 2. Hoots the Owl 3. Grover 4. Ernie 5. Oscar

Bo / Rach / Princess ‏@bodachious
Elmo The Cookie Monster Big Bird The Count Ernie

Georgia ‏@GeeOh108
1. Count Von Count 2. The Yep-Yep Martians 3. Oscar 4. Grover 5. Kermit The Frog

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Snuffy 2. Elmo 3. Ernie 4. The worm 5. Oscar

Adam Parry ‏@AdamParry420
1-cookie monster 2- count 3- snuffy 4- Oscar the grouch 5- grover

Andy Dekens ‏@andydekens
Kermit, The Count, Ernie, Milk Carton Worms, Oscar the Grouch.

Chay ‏@faerychay
1. Grover 2. Big Bird 3. Oscar 4. Elmo 5. Count Von Count

Jane Murphy ‏@missjane82
Slimey, Big Bird, Gordon, Oscar, Snuffy.

Jae Rowbotham ‏@jaebo1
Cookie Monster Guy Smiley Ernie Kermit The Frog The Yip Yips

Jessica Gorman ‏@JessicaArielleG
1. Grover 2. Cookie Monster 3. Oscar the Grouch 4. Snuffleufagus 5. Barkley

Constance Wiebrands ‏@flexnib
1. Kermit the Frog 2. Cookie Monster 3. Oscar the Grouch 4. Big Bird 5. Snuffleupagus

Paul Wright ‏@psw_bigshow
1-) Cookie Monster 2) The Count 3) Oscar 4)Big Bird 5) Snuffleupagus

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Oscar the Grouch The Space Worms Snuffalugagus The Count Cookie Monster

smiley_yas ‏@smiley_yas
1. Ernie 2. Bert 3. Big Bird 4. Mr Snuffleupagus 5. Oscar

Jason Brennan ‏@therealjaso32
Grover, Elmo, Oscar, Ernie, Slimey

supercujo ‏@supercujo
Cookie Monster, The Count, Elmo, Snuffleupagus (the imaginary one), Yip Yip Alien(s)

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Snuffie 2. Oscar 3. Martian (Yip-yip) 4. Cookie 5. The Count

Shirley ‏@Shirleymullet
1. Ernie 2. Bert 3. The Count 4. Oscar 5. Grover

Danie Tregonning ‏@DanieTreg
1 Count Von Count 2 Guy Smiley 3 Big Bird 4 Cookie Monster 5 Snuffleupagus

Ash Jenkins ‏@TripleB
Guy Smiley, Don Music, Cookie Monster, Grover, Captain Vegetable

Nikki ‏@nikkidynamo
1. Barkley 2. Kermit 3. Two-headed Monster 4. Benny Rabbit 5. Slimey Worm

Soopa ‏@RiffB
1:Big Bird 2:Snufflupagus 3:The Two Headed Monster 4:Guy Smiley 5:Slimey the Worm

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
The Yip Yips, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Teeny Little Super Guy

Tennile Watson ‏@beertrix
1) Snuffleupagus 2) Count Von Count 3) Guy Smiley 4) Ernie 5) Cookie Monster

Michael (twcau) ‏@twcau
Same here. RT @supercujo: Cookie Monster, The Count, Elmo, Snuffleupagus (the imaginary one), Yip Yip Alien(s)

Bowser ‏@adamhake
1. Snuffy 2. Blue Yip Yip 3. Grover 4. Cookie Monster 5. Big Bird

Mark Ampersand ‏@tobiasampersand
Telly Monster, Captain Vegetable, Barkley (who until a very late age I thought was a real dog), Snuffy, Slimey the Worm

Kye ‏@chaoite
1. Smiley the Worm. 2. Oscar the Grouch. 3. Grover. 4. Count. 5. Snuffy.

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Telly Monster, 2. Grover Monster, 3. Kermit the Frog, 4. Oscar the Grouch, 5. The Amazing Mumford

scott ‏@scottotd
1. Grover 2. Ernie 3.@A_CookieMonster 4. Big Bird 5. Guy Smiley

latenightfights ‏@latenightfights
1. Cookie monster 2. Ernie 3. Grover 4. Chicago 5. Oscar

tif ‏@itsme_tif
elmo, snuffleupagus, Ernie, mr hooper, Barkley

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1 Count Von Count 2 Elmo 3 Oscar The Grouch 4 Snuffleupagus 5 Kermit The Frog

meticulous ‏@meticulous73
Martians, bugs in window box, the count, snuffalufagus, Slimey

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
The Martians, Mr Hooper, Linda, Two Headed Monster, Honkers

Matty V ‏@IWearOddSockz
1. Oscar, 2. Count, 3. Snuffleupagus, 4. Super Grover, 5. Yip Yips

Twitter's #Clay5 Sesame Street Characters
1. Aloysius Snuffleupagus (25 votes)
2. Oscar the Grouch (23 votes)
3. Cookie Monster (20 votes)
4. Count von Count (18 votes)
5. Grover (17 votes)

September 28th: Podcasts

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
The Minutes Totally Laime Doug Loves Movies Making it with Riki Lindhome WTF w Marc Maron

supercujo ‏@supercujo
1. @TOFOP #NOFOP 2. @WTFpod 3. No Agenda 4.@keithandthegirl 5. Coverville

Nick Manifis ‏@nick_manifis
1. Coverville 2. @WTFpod 3.@HospitalRecords 4. @tiesto 5. Nu Choon

stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
(Cool) Shite on the Tube, Fighting Talk, Kermode and Mayo, TOFOP, Peacock and Gamble

rachelhatesjazz ‏@rachelhatesjazz
The Minutes, You’re Welcome, Cinemaslave, Mondo Movie, Kermode & Mayo

Kristen Trott ‏@ufogirl14
1. Hamish & Andy 2. Dr Karl on Triple J 3. Conversations with Richard Fidler 4. Stuff You Should Know 5. TOFOP

Dan Forrestal ‏@WorkingClassDan
1. Wtf with Marc maron 2. This American life 3. The bugle 4. Comedy bang bang 5. The nerdist.

Ang K ‏@SuperFlange
1. The Minutes 2. You’re Welcome 3. This American Life 4. Conversations with Richard Fidler 5. Selected Shorts.

Clint W ‏@clintwits
@fakedansavage Savage Lovecast -@polyweekly - @ThisAmerLife - @abcconvos with @rfidler -@WONF4W Wrestling Observer

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1.MediaWatch 2.KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 3.NPR All Songs Considered 4.KEXP Live 5.Langdon Nation (when @DoctaSlick is on)

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. @walkingtheroom 2. @TOFOP (#nofop) 3. Tell 'Em Steve Dave 4. Jay And Silent Bob Get Old 5. Little Dum Dum Club

scott ‏@scottotd
1. @nerdist 2. The Bugle 3. The Art of Wrestling 4. Harmontown 5. The Indoor Kids

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Reasonable Doubts, @NonCanonical, The Minutes, Skeptics' Guide To The Universe, Media Watch

Greg Tangey ‏@ruxton
Joe Rogan Exp, Ice House Chronicles, Goonbag Gooncasts, Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory, The Church of What's Happening Now

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. SModcast, 2. Doug Loves Movies, 3. Comedy Bang Bang, 4. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave, 5. The Little Dum Dum Club

Twitter's #Clay5 Podcasts
1. The Minutes (4 votes)
2. WTF with Marc Maron (4 votes)
3. TOFOP (4 votes)
4. Conversations with Richard Fidler (3 votes)
5. This American Life (3 votes)

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