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Week Twenty Three (22nd - 26th October, 2012)

This week had a couple of big moments, both of them musical. A surprising number of "Weird Al" Yankovic fans came out of the woodwork on his birthday and many tweeps shared the songs that made them weepy. Read on!

October 22nd: Martin Scorsese Films
1. The Departed
2. Goodfellas
3. The Last Waltz
4. Raging Bull
5. Gangs of New York

supercujo ‏@supercujo
1. The Departed 2. Casino 3. Goodfellas 4. Cape Fear 5. Shutter Island

Adam Parry ‏@AdamParry420
1-goodfellas 2-casino 3-taxi driver 4-cape fear 5-raging bull

Miss NJ! ‏@artrockrebel
1. Good Fellas 2. Cape Fear 3. The Aviator 4. Taxi Driver 5. The King of Comedy

scott ‏@scottotd
1. Goodfellas 2. The Departed 3. Casino 4. Shutter Island 5. A Journey Though American Movie

Official stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
The Departed Taxi Driver Goodfellas The Aviator Gangs of New York

Cappie ‏@dismaldetective
1. Hugo 2. The Departed 3. Cape Fear 4. Shine a Light 5. Taxi Driver (a few classics I need to see TBH)

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Taxi Driver, Hugo, The Departed, Goodfellas, The King Of Comedy

Trunkman Productions ‏@TrunkmanUK
1) King of Comedy 2) Raging Bull 3) Goodfellas 4) Taxi Driver 5) The Departed (+ at least 10 more hon mentions)

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Goodfellas 2. Raging Bull 3. King of Comedy 4. Kundun 5. Gangs of New York

Natasha Gonzalez @LilMissAndrist
Good Fellas, Casino, The Departed, The Aviator, Taxi Driver

Justin d'Londres @londonjustin
Taxi Driver, Last Temptation of Christ, Casino, King Of Comedy, After Hours

Kieran Murphy ‏@Desperate_Icon
1. The Last Waltz 2. The Departed 3. Shutter Island 4. The Aviator 5. Living In The Material World

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Goodfellas, 2. Raging Bull, 3. The King of Comedy, 4. Taxi Driver, 5. The Departed

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1. Raging Bull 2. The King of Comedy 3. Goodfellas 4. Taxi Driver 5. The Aviator

Twitter's #Clay5 Martin Scorsese Films
1. Goodfellas (12 votes)
2. The Departed (10 votes)
3. The King of Comedy (7 votes)
4. Taxi Driver (7 votes)
5. Raging Bull (6 votes)

October 23rd: "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs
1. The Alternative Polka
2. Smells Like Nirvana
3. Amish Paradise
4. Fat
5. Everything You Know Is Wrong

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Dare to Be Stupid, 2. Another One Rides the Bus, 3. Hardware Store, 4. Smells Like Nirvana, 5. Fat

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Eat It 2. Fat 3. Smells Like Nirvana 4. Like A Surgeon 5. Amish Paradise

James Taylor ‏@jumbez
1. Another One Rides the Bus 2. Albuquerque 3. Angry White Boy Polka 4. Fat 5. Grapefruit Diet

Manda ‏@missamanda
1. Fat 2. BOB 3. Cant watch this 4. ebay 5. Spam

Adam Parry ‏@AdamParry420
1-fat 2-yoda 3-white and nerdy 4-the saga begins 5-smells like nirvana

Mark Ampersand ‏@tobiasampersand
You Don't Love Me Anymore, Polka Your Eyes Out, Albuquerque, Bob, Trapped in the Drive Thru.

Paul Pichugin ‏@paulmp
1) Angry White Boy Polka, 2) Smells Like Nirvana, 3) White & Nerdy 4) Amish Paradise, 5) Perform This Way

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Bob eBay White & Nerdy The Saga Begins Jerry Springer

scott ‏@scottotd
1. Eat it 2. Dare to be Stupid 3. Angry White Boy Polka 4. Hardware Store 5. Albuquerque

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. eBay 2. White and Nerdy 3. Amish Paradise 4. Perform This Way 5. Eat it

Clint W ‏@clintwits
The Saga Begins, Amish Paradise, Fat, Smells Like Nirvana, White & Nerdy

Official stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Why Does This Always Happen to Me? Livin' in the Fridge Polka Power Smells Like Nirvana Don't Download This Song

Danie Tregonning ‏@DanieTreg
White and Nerdy eBay I lost on Jeopardy Smells like Nirvana Saga Begins

supercujo ‏@supercujo
1. Trapped in a Drive Thru 2. The Saga Begins 3. The Night Santa Went Crazy 4. White and Nerdy 5. Eat It

Andy Dekens ‏@andydekens
Ebay, Rye or the Kaiser, The Night Santa Went Crazy, The Saga Begins, A Complicated Song. Man that was hard!

Penelope ‏@redpene
1. It's all about the pentiums 2. Smells like nirvana 3. Amish Paradise 4. I'm fat 5. eBay

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. Amish Paradise 2. eBay 3. Angry White Boy Polka 4. The Saga Begins 5. Trapped In The Drive Thru Man, that was another hard one!

Matt Erren ‏@Lumpy_Matt
1.White And Nerdy 2.Ebay 3 Eat It 4. Amish Paradise 5.Like A Surgeon

Like a tiger! ‏@Kop_this
1. Amish Paradise 2. The Saga Begins 3. Eat it 4. Smells Like Nirvana 5. Fat

Shirley ‏@Shirleymullet
1. Eat It 2. Fat 3. Smells Like Nirvana 4. Like A Surgeon 5. Amish Paradise

Twitter's #Clay5 "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs
1. Smells Like Nirvana (11 votes)
2. Amish Paradise (10 votes)
3. Fat (10 votes)
4.-5. eBay/The Saga Begins/White & Nerdy (8 votes)

October 24th: Salads
1. Chicken Caesar Salad
2. Potato Salad
3. Greek Salad
4. Pasta Salad
5. Coleslaw

rachelhatesjazz ‏@rachelhatesjazz
Caesar, Nicoise, brown rice salad, bacon & bocconcini, potato

Penelope ‏@redpene
1. Pumpkin feta & pinenut 2. Real Caesar 3. Potato & pancetta 4. Green bean, hazelnut & lemon 5. Cous Cous & veg

Lise Williams ‏@Lise_in_Oz
1. Greek 2. German potato 3. Coleslaw 4. Tomato & bocconcini 5. Ceasar

Official stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Caprese Salad Chicken Caesar Salad Vietnamese Chicken Salad Thai Beef Salad Potato and Bacon Salad

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Salad Nicoise, 2. Chicken Caesar, 3. Ensalada Russe (Russian Salad), 4. Potato Salad, 5. Roasted Capsicum Salad.

supercujo ‏@supercujo
1. Thai Beef Salad 2. Potato Salad (with bacon) 3. Chicken Caesar Salad 4. Cobb Salad 5. Thai BBQ Squid Salad #MeatSalad

Manda ‏@missamanda
1. Chicken Waldorf 2. Chicken Caesar 3. Prawn & mango 4. Potato salad 5. Thai beef salad

Jane Murphy ‏@missjane82
Caprese salad, Wombok salad, Bean, Snow pea and Asparagus salad, Garden salad, Lemon and Dill Potato salad.

Anna Hassan ‏@anna_m_hassan
1) Garden salad, 2) Potato salad, 3) Pasta salad, 4) Caesar salad, 5) Coucous salad

Corey J ‏@coreyj
Prawn Noodle Salad Chickpea, Tomato and Cous Cous Caesar Garden Greek

addie. ‏@chibimoon
1. smoked salmon salad, 2. vietnamese noodle salad, 3. potato salad, 4. pasta salad, 5. chicken caesar salad

Clint W ‏@clintwits
Chicken Caesar, Waldorf (more for fawlty towers than actual eating), Pasta, Thai Beef, Potato (best with egg/bacon/corn)

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Asian crispy noodle 2) Ing's Thai beef 3) Spinach, pumpkin and feta 4) salsa verde potato 5) green pawpaw w prawns and crab.

Rhona Bolger ‏@RhonaB76
1. Chicken Caesar 2. Potato 3. Garden (with cheese) 4. Warm beef Salad 5. Pasta

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Potato with bacon 2. Caesar 3. Pasta 4. Greek 5. Coleslaw

Helen de Wolff ‏@the_helen
Caesar Greek Potato (w bacon!) Nicoise Bean

Sinda Hella ‏@Slam_Poovey
Pumpkin and feta, couscous and chickpea, Greek salad, pork larb, garden salad.

Danie Tregonning ‏@DanieTreg
Caesar (no egg/croutons) Garden Salad Potato Salad Greek Salad Prosciutto, Pear, Blue Cheese and Rocket

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. My homemade Potato salad, 2. Caesar salad (no bacon or anchovies) 3. Mushroom and Avocado 4. Egg 5. Coleslaw

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Roast beetroot & sweet potato w balsamic, chicken Caesar, Mexican w crispy chicken, fruit, potato w ranch dressing & bacon

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Non-original Caesar (I like anchovies), Caprese Salad, Marinated Octopus, Pear & Blue Chees, Escalivada

Donna Dee ‏@Donna_Dee
1) Caesar 2) Cous cous & veg 3)Seafood 4) Greek 5) C salad (my own creation of corn, carrot, celery and cucumber)

Twitter's #Clay5 Salads
1. Potato Salad (12 votes)
2. Caesar Salad (10 votes)
3. Chicken Caesar Salad (9 votes)
4. Greek Salad (8 votes)
5. Garden/Pasta/Thai Beef Salads (6 votes each)

October 26th: Movie Pairings
1. Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau
2. Robert DeNiro & Joe Pesci
3. Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke
4. Paul Newman & Robert Redford
5. Chevy Chase & Goldie Hawn

Michael Cooper ‏@Charliedelto
1. Turner/Douglas 2. Gere/Roberts 3. Zellweger/Firth 4. Fisher/Ford 5. Swayze/Grey I took it as boy/girl

C.J Ashling ‏@Ashling574
1: DiCaprio & Winslet 2: Pegg & Frost 3: Falcone & McCarthy 4: Downey Jr & Gregg 5: Lawrence & Cooper

Natasha Gonzalez ‏@LilMissAndrist
1. Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn, 2. Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, 3. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck, 4. Rupert Everett & Colin Firth, 5. John Wayne & Montgomery Clift.

Sarina Cooper ‏@sarina286
1. Hanks/Ryan 2. Zellweger/Firth 3. Murphy/Myers 4. McConaughey/Hudson 5. Grant/Bullock

Official stokegriff ‏@stokegriff
Pegg/ Frost Gibson/ Glover Bale/ Caine Reeve/ Kidder Reeves/ Winter

Ash Baghurst ‏@TripleB
Pegg/ Frost, Smith/ Mewes, Reeves/ Winter, Stiller/ O. Wilson, Fey/ Poehler

Kieran Murphy ‏@Desperate_Icon
1. Ford and Connery 2. Pegg and Frost 3. Redford and Newman 4. Foster and Hopkins 5. Pitt and Norton

Michael Naidos ‏@Naidos
1. Farley & Spade, 2. O'Halloran & Anderson, 3. Pegg & Frost, 4. Wilder & Pryor, 5. Parker & Stone

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ‏@_paulr
1. S Pegg/N Frost 2. B Murray/S Johansson 3. P Rudd/J Segal, 4. B Stiller/O Wilson, 5. J Depp/B Del Toro

Donna Dee ‏@Donna_Dee
1) Zellweger/Firth 2)Hanks/Ryan 3)Tucker/Chan 4)Gere/Roberts 4) Clooney/Pitt

supercujo ‏@supercujo
1. Pryor/Wilder 2. Redford/Newman 3. Murphy/Nolte 4. Eastwood/Clyde 5. Chan/Tucker

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1.J.Delpy & E.Hawke 2.J.Depp & H.Bonham Carter 3.Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder 4.Harvey Keitel & Tim Roth 5.Johnny Depp & Al Pacino

Miss NJ! ‏@artrockrebel
1. A Hepburn/ C Grant 2. M Ringwald/A McCarthy 3. C Fisher/H Ford 4. E Stone/R Gosling 5. M Driver/J Cusack

Manda ‏@missamanda
Elwes & Wright Penn, Ledger & Gyllenhaal, Woody & Juliet, Ledger & Stiles, Aykroyd & Belushi

Jason Brennan ‏@therealjaso32
Wilder & Prior, Martin & Lewis, Smith & Mewes, Ford & Fisher, Liam Neeson & his gun

Phillip Lee Curtis. ‏@PoshLopez
1. Streep/Hawn 2. Turner/Douglas 3. Lopez/Fonda 4. Martin/Latifah 5. Streisand/Hoffman.

Twitter's #Clay5 Movie Pairings
1. Nick Frost & Simon Pegg (6 votes)
2. Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder (4 votes)
3. Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford (3 votes)
4. Paul Newman & Robert Redford (3 votes)
5. Colin Firth & Renée Zellweger (3 votes)

October 26th: Tearjerker Songs
1. When The Tigers Broke Free
2. The Show Must Go On
3. Mother (Lennon)
4. Tell Laura I Love Her
5. Poses

Leah ‏@PirateLeer
Fix You (my ultimate tears song) Nothing Compares 2 U Hush Gone Away Into the Blue  **(Sara Jackson-Holman)**  #sadsongs #dontactuallymakemecry

Dann de Wolff ‏@d_wolff
1. Romeo and Juliet 2. Too Much Love Will Kill You 3. When The War Is Over 4. To Be With You 5. When I See You Smile

Corey J ‏@coreyj
1. Now You're Gone 2. How To Make Gravy 3. Beloved Wife 4. Crazy In Alabama 5. Outfit

Adam Parry ‏@AdamParry420
1-what a wonderful world 2-let it be 3- something I can never have 4- this I love 5- dirty leaves

Hedgie ‏@CAricHanley
1. Bonnie Brae 2. A Sorta Fairytale 3. Lightning Crashes 4. With or Without You 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit -Tori Amos Cover

Erin Scales ‏@erinscales
1. Living Years 2. Who wants to live forever 3. Fix you 4. Stay (far away so close) 5. End of the line

Billy Loomis ‏@Aqualec
Over The Rainbow, Mad World (Jules & Andrews cover), Brick, Time After Time, Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley cover),

Kristen Trott ‏@ufogirl14
1. Living Years 2. Too Much Love Will Kill You 3. Brick 4. You Raise Me Up 5. Sadness & Whiskey

tif ‏@itsme_tif
One, Sound of White, All of Me, Daughter, Mockingbird #sad

Michelle Soia ‏@TheDestroia
1. Big Jet Plane 2. Songbird 3. Hallelujah 4. Bitter - Meshell Ndegeocello 5. How Can you Mend A Broken Heart

rachelhatesjazz ‏@rachelhatesjazz
1. Hurt 2. Black 3. Romeo & Juliet 4. How To Disappear Completely 5. Black Star

Nikki ‏@nikkidynamo
Me and a Gun - Tori Amos Pictures of You - Angie Hart Cover Into Dust - Mazzy Star Beloved -VNV Nation Today - Joshua Radin

Aleisha Naughton ‏@aleicat
1. If Time Is All I Have. 2. Ronan. 3. Hero of War. 4. I Will Always Love You. 5. Goodbye My Lover.

addie. ‏@chibimoon
1. hard to say i'm sorry, 2. nothing compares 2 u, 3. far away, 4. i want to know what love is, 5. how do i live

Sierra Echo Bravo ‏@sebsharp
1Breathe Me (Sia) 2Mad World (Gary Jules) 3Everybody Hurts (REM) 4Sally’s Pigeons (Cyndi Lauper) 5Pictures Of You (Angie Hart)

Mark Ampersand ‏@tobiasampersand
All I Want is You, Rainbow Connection, How To Disappear Completely, Hurt, Soul to Squeeze

Rach ‏@hello_nacho
Your Song ~ Elton John The Blowers Daughter ~ Damien Rice Next Life ~ Suede In Your Room ~ Depeche Mode Hurt ~ NIN

Kate Price ‏@keprice12
1) Sylvia Plath 2) Everything's Turning to White 3) Living Years 4) Isobel 5) Brick

Ryan Hewitt ‏@ryanmhewitt
brothers in arms, the band played waltzing Matilda, broken hymns, on the turning away, hallelujah.

Rhi! Rhi! ‏@RhiannonB
Breathe Me, La Mar (The Ocean), The Day You Went Away, I Know, Nobody's Fault But My Own

Amanda K ‏@TeLa_X
1- drunken and tearful 2- braveheart enya song 3- dying to be alive 4- siren song 5- freshman

chelle ‏@shellzii
White Flag. Black. The day you went away. I will always love you. Cats In The Cradle.

Shea Hennum ‏@SheaHisself
1.Hurt Me Soul 2.Suicidal Thoughts 3.For No One 4.Search and Destroy 5.Don't Think Twice, It's All Right.

Clint W ‏@clintwits
Strange Fruit, Hallelujah (Buckley), I was Only 19, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, White Wine in the Sun

felixmeister ‏@felixmeister
Man Of Colours, One, England, Adagio for Strings, Last Rendez-Vous

Justin Zajac ‏@nzJayZee
1) What Sarah Said 2) I See a Darkness (Cash version) 3) Leaving in Coffins 4) Atmosphere 5) Do you Realize

Sinda Hella ‏@Slam_Poovey
#sad 1. Footsteps 2. Lazy Eye 3. Black 4. Nicest Thing 5. Stereo

Meeveebee ‏@meeveebee
1. When the tigers broke free 2. I was only 19 3. Me and little Andy 4. Honey 5. One #sad

Shirley ‏@Shirleymullet
1. Don't think twice, Dylan 2. Julia, Beatles 3. Space Oddity, Bowie 4. It's Gonna Be Alright, Ween 5. You Are the Everything, REM

Phillip Lee Curtis. ‏@PoshLopez
1.Already Gone 2. I'll Stand By You 3. Last Kiss 4. If That Were Me 5. Hallelujah

Justin d'Londres ‏@londonjustin
This Woman's Work, Hurt (Johnny Cash), Brooks Was Here, Drugs Don't Work, These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Miss NJ! ‏@artrockrebel
1. Full of Grace (S McLachlan) 2. Nothing Compares 2 U 3. Let It Be 4. I Still Remember (Bloc Party) 5. On My Own (Les Mis)

Kieran Murphy ‏@Desperate_Icon
1. Hurt 2. When The Tigers Broke Free 3. How To Disappear Completely 4. Fix You 5. It Makes No Difference

Rhona Bolger ‏@RhonaB76
1. Keep me in your heart 2. Magic 3. When she loved me 4. Never without you 5. How to make gravy

John Erren ‏@John_Erren
1. Hurt 2. Hallelujah 3. The River 4. Tears In Heaven 5. Tell Laura I love Her (my dads Fav song)

Twitter's #Clay5 Tearjerker Songs
1. Hallelujah (5 votes)
2. Hurt (5 votes)
3.-5. Black/Brick/How to Disappear Completely/The Living Years/Nothing Compares 2 U/One/When The Tigers Broke Free (3 votes each)

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